Why a Tender Writing Course is an Investment in your Business

How a tender writing course can help your business grow

If you want to invest in your business, then you should consider taking a tender writing course.

Tendering for work can open many doors for your business. It’s a great way to win contracts, generate a profit and build new relationships.

However, not just anyone can write a winning tender. To be a successful Bid Writer, you’ll need to develop a certain skillset. A tender writing course can help you develop new skills and get ready to tender for new contracts.

Why is taking a tender writing course an investment in your business?

Improving your team’s skills with a tender writing course is an investment in your business.

You might think that you can write a successful tender without any external help. However, tendering for work will take a lot of time and resources. If you’re not successful, that time and those resources will just go to waste. And it’s cheaper to invest in a tender writing course now than waste resources on a bid you won’t win.

Taking a tender writing course will ensure that you possess the right skills and knowledge to write a winning bid. So, when you’re ready to tender for work, you can persuade the buyer that your company can deliver the contract.

 What are the benefits of taking a tender writing course? 

  1. Develop your writing skills

 It goes without saying that, in order to write a successful tender, you need excellent writing skills. Your tender response is your chance to persuade the buyer that yours is the best company to deliver the contract.

If you take a tender writing course, you’ll develop the specific tone, voice and style needed for a tender response.

  1. You’ll know how to choose the right tenders for your business

 Tendering for work requires time and resources, both of which are invaluable to the running of your business. Therefore, it’s vital that you only choose tenders that your business can actually win. Otherwise, your company’s precious time and resources will be going to waste. And while you’re focused on that tender, you might miss opportunities for tenders that are more realistic for your business.

When you take a tender writing course, you’ll learn how to understand the buyer’s specifications. That way, you can understand exactly what they’re asking for – and make sure your company is capable of delivering it!

  1. Learn how to persuade the buyer that you can deliver the contract

Your tender response is your chance to show the buyer that your company should win the contract. But knowing how to do that can be tricky.

The buyer needs to see evidence of your company’s work. It’s not enough to tell them what your business can do – you need to show them.

A tender writing course will teach you what to include in your responses. You’ll learn how to submit evidence that supports your claims and promotes your business’ unique selling point (USP). 

  1. Find out about the evaluation process – how will your tender response be marked?

If you want to write a successful tender response, you need to know and understand the evaluation process.

When you take a tender writing course, you will learn how your tender responses are marked by buyers. If you understand the tender evaluation process, you have a better chance of meeting the buyer’s specifications. You’ll know exactly what they’re looking for and how to hit those key points in your responses!

  1. Gain an advantage in a competitive market

Tendering for work is a competitive process. Companies bidding for one tender are often neck and neck, and the buyer’s decision is swayed by tiny details. We often hear that, when a company’s tender response is unsuccessful, they’ve only lost by a few marks. To gain those extra marks and win contracts, your business needs to offer that little bit more.

To ensure that your business has the best chance of winning bids, why not take a tender writing course? Your company will gain expert knowledge and professional training that will push you in front of your competitors. 

  1. Develop the “soft” skills needed to write a successful bid 

We don’t have to tell you that, in order to write a successful bid, your writing needs to be top-notch. But have you considered the other skills needed to write a winning tender?

Here are just some of the “soft” skills needed for tender writing:

Without these additional skills, your company will struggle to write a successful tender response. Fortunately, these are all skills that can be developed through a tender writing course!

A tender writing course isn’t just about improving your writing abilities. You’ll develop new skills – like the ones listed here – and learn how to apply them to the tender writing process.

  1. Understand tender-related jargon

If you’ve tendered for work before, you’ll have come face to face with some tender-related jargon. Terms like RFQ, ITT, PQQ, DPS and RFP are often thrown about – but what do they actually mean?

Wrapping your head around all these new terms and abbreviations can be tricky. However, understanding these terms is crucial to your tendering success.

If you’re struggling to understand these industry-specific terms, why not take a tender writing course? A tender writing course will help you understand the terminology you’ll come across when tendering for work. So, you’ll be ready to win your next tender. 

  1. In the long run, it will save your business money

Still looking for benefits of a tender writing course? Then this next one should be enough to persuade you – a tender writing course will save your business money.

You might be reluctant to pay for any kind of tender writing training. After all, your resources should be reserved for more important things, right?

And many people assume that it’s easy to write a winning bid. But that’s simply not the case.

If you tender for work without the required knowledge and skills, then your resources are just going to waste. There’s no point in tendering for work unless you have a good chance of winning the contract.

A tender writing course provides your company with a long-term solution for successful tender writing. Rather than spending money on a quick fix, you can invest in your business with tender writing training. You can continue to develop and utilise the skills gained during a tender writing course for all future tender submissions. So, by spending money now, you can save money later!

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