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OVERVIEW What is Tender VLE?

5 levels of online bid writing courses. Learn from professional Bid Writers.

Tender VLE is the UK’s first virtual learning environment, dedicated to bid writing courses. Four of our course levels are still in development but you can start your learning journey at level one now.


Our approach is practical and hands-on. Our classes are led by those who are still active and successful in their bid writing roles.


Tender VLE offers five levels of training to accommodate all stages of learning. Whether you’re completely new to tendering or a seasoned expert that’s looking to improve, Tender VLE offers the resources to help. Our training is suitable for a variety of learners including businesses, freelancers, and aspiring Bid Writers.


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Here, we break down the tendering process into easily digestible classes.

These classes will enable you to start building a foundation of tendering knowledge. Our classes broach a range of topics that are essential to understand when it comes to bidding for work. Each class will enable you to learn a new skill that can help you write winning tenders going forward.

Who are Hudson Outsourcing?

Tender VLE is powered by Alpha from Hudson Outsourcing, who currently supports over 2,000 businesses in 40+ countries.

Hudson Outsourcing is a global family of innovators on a mission to increase the survival rates of businesses around the world.

The company offers technology-based solutions for identifying tendering opportunities as well as consultancy services to help you win the contracts.

Need bid
writing support?

Tender VLE offers bid writing courses to help you up-skill your team and grow your business.

However, we know that the perfect tender might come along during this learning process.

If you need support with responding to a bid, our sister company, Hudson Succeed, can help.

Why choose Hudson Succeed to write your bids?


bid success rate


years of bidding experience


secured for companies in direct contract wins

Looking for available tender opportunities?

Stop wasting time searching hundreds of portals and start tracking the smart way.

Our Hudson Discover division houses 11 sector-specific tendering portals, designed to save you time. We understand how much time can be wasted wading through irrelevant tendering opportunities. That’s why we don’t rely on algorithms. Our team of Opportunity Trackers search and upload each tender to their dedicated portal, ensuring maximum relevancy.

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