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    Our Instructors

    Daniel Hall

    Daniel has secured tenders with values ranging from thousands to multi-million-pound contracts.

    Spanning almost a decade in bid writing and bid management, Daniel has worked with clients across the globe. He has worked on upwards of 3,000 bids and currently manages a team of 15 Bid Writers and Bid Managers for a global organisation. Daniel’s industry expertise include facilities management, security, construction, healthcare, technology and the creative sector. Daniel brings this hands-on experience to his masterclasses.

    Jill Hudson - COMING SOON

    Jill has worked in tender management for over a decade and has closed over £300million in business for her clients.

    She has produced almost 1,000 tender documents for hundreds of businesses around the globe. Jill is a born problem-solver. She creates action plans quickly and understands both the buyer and supplier’s side of the bidding process, putting her in a unique position to drive businesses forward.

    Beverley Park - COMING SOON

    Beverley is currently a Global Bid Director. She has over 20 years of bidding experience, both in the UK and internationally.

    Her experience ranges from managing bids with values of £10,000 to complex, multi-million-pound contracts. Beverley recently worked for an American-owned outsourcing company with 26,000 staff.

    During this time, she established a UK bid division with multiple national teams reporting to her.

    Kathryn Johansen - COMING SOON

    Kathryn is currently the Head of Creative, overseeing and producing designed documents to support bid submissions.

    Kathryn’s tender training courses will cater to those who need to learn more about making their bids stand out. Not all tenders allow for creativity, but when they do, Kathryn knows how to leave a lasting impression on buyers. Kathryn has branded and created hundreds of proposals and supporting documents that have led to winning results.