How to use Tender Introduction for free online tender training

Here’s how to use Tender VLE’s free online tender training: Tender Introduction

Are you trying to find free online tender training? Tender VLE has the resources you’re looking for! At Tender VLE, we value learning and want to encourage others to extend their knowledge. We developed free online tender training courses to help people to develop their understanding of the tendering process.

Everyone loves being able to get things for free. For those looking for free online tender training, you’ve hit the jackpot.

What is Tender VLE?

Tender VLE is the UK’s first FREE learning environment for all things tender-based! We have over 60 years’ worth of collective experience. We recognise how important learning to tender can be for SME’s and how support can go a long way. This platform is designed to provide a variety of information and different levels of information. We provide several masterclass videos, written blogs and more!

What is Tender Introduction?

Tender Introduction is our beginners’ section for free online tender training courses. Those that are completely new to tendering can choose to start here. This is where they will get to grips with the basics, terminology and the tendering process in its simplest form.

Who will teach you?

Our free online tender training courses are taught by our very own team members. These individuals have expert knowledge and decades of experience. Our professionals will tell you all you need to know about tendering. And they’ll share the many years’ worth of experience they have.

What can you learn?

Tender Introduction, our free online tender training, offers 12 classes on various aspects of tendering.

  1. What is tendering?
  2. PQQ & ITT basics
  3. Tender ready
  4. Preparing your bid
  5. Boilerplate responses
  6. Proposals & instructions
  7. Breaking down the question
  8. Assertive writing
  9. Evidence is key
  10. Clarification
  11. Proofreading
  12. Branding your response

How to use it

If you have taken courses before, particularly online ones, that is great! You may have your own system of working and learning that best suits you. For those new to online training courses, it might take you a little while to adapt. So, we have some tips on the best way to approach our free online tender training.

Seeing so many classes may be a bit overwhelming to some. So, it is important to take each step at a time. Don’t dive in trying to learn as much as you can in the shortest amount of time. Rushing things means you are probably not paying as much attention as you should. So, breathe…and get yourself comfortable. Grab a tea or coffee…and some biscuits. And most importantly, a notepad!

Accessing the classes

As you access the Tender VLE website, you’ll be able to see the Tender VLE Services tab. Hover your cursor over this and the drop-down menu will show you three of our courses. The first one is Tender Introduction. Click here, and you’ll see all of the available classes.

It can be good to note down the different ones, so you know the different areas. This can make revision easier. Each of our classes will be taught by one of our experts. The class will feature a clip of our instructors talking you through the important information. Then, we will have written text to accompany the video.

Our advice

We suggest getting comfortable and making sure you are free of disruptions and distractions. A good learning environment is a key component in making sure you learn everything you need to! Keep a notepad handy, and jot down anything that stands out when you watch the videos. Our text will feature the video contents. But sometimes writing things down can help our brains to process and store the information.

What are the benefits?

Learning from a free online tender training course can have several advantages. All that knowledge you absorb can be practised within your tendering experiences. Being able to exercise all you’ve learnt will be a great way of gaining a better understanding of the process.

A free online tender training course is an investment in your business. What is better, is that this one is free! So, all you invest is your time, and in the long run, you’ll be set to tender successfully.

Since it is online, you can do it from the comfort of your home! There’s no risk of health and safety. And no travel cost or time! That means you can optimise your time and learning.

You’re learning from experienced professionals, so there really is no one better to teach these classes.

As mentioned earlier, our free online tender training comes in different levels. So, those just starting off can learn the basics of tendering. And those with experience can find a course tailored to them too!

And in case we didn’t mention, one of the best benefits is that it is FREE!

How to use Tender Introduction for free online tender training
Are you trying to find free online tender training? Tender VLE has the resources you’re looking for! At Tender VLE, we value learning and want to encourage others to extend their knowledge. We developed free online tender training courses to help people to develop their understanding of the tendering process.

How we can help you 

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Want to learn more about tendering?

Tender VLE is the UK’s first virtual learning environment to offer free resources, dedicated to bid writing courses. Four of our course levels are still in development, but you can start your learning journey at level one now. Our instructors offer five levels of training to accommodate all levels of learning. Tender VLE offers the resources to help you whether you are new to tendering or an expert looking to improve. We have training that is suitable for various learners including businesses, freelancers or aspiring Bid Writers.

Need help with writing an imminent bid? 

Hudson Succeed, our sister company, is a global provider of bid writing services. They have over 60 years of collective experience and an 87% success rate. Our team can support you with every step of the tendering process. Our services include:

Tender Ready 

This 4-week programme is designed for companies that are completely new to the tendering process. One of our highly skilled Bid Writers will work with you to ensure that your business is ready to tender successfully.

Tender Improvement

Our Tender Improvement programme is designed for companies that have previous experience with tendering but are yet to see results. A member of our knowledgeable team will review your previous responses and aid you to improve them for future bids.

Tender Writing

Our Tender Writing service is the whole package. Once we have the required information from you, our Bid Writing Team will do the rest. We’ll take charge of the entire tender for your business, all the way from writing through to submission.

Tender Mentor

This package is suitable for companies that have already written their own tender response. A member of our team will review your work before the submission deadline, checking for inconsistencies, spelling errors and grammar. They will also check your responses to ensure they meet the contract’s specifications.

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