Everything You Need to Know About Tender VLE

Thinking of using Tender VLE? Here’s everything you need to know!

At Tender VLE, we understand the importance of continuous learning. That is why we launched our tender virtual learning environment. The tender process can be a challenge to those just starting out. But once you’ve learnt the basics, you’ll realise it isn’t as daunting as you might expect. Our Bid Writers have a success rate of 87% and over 60 years of collective experience. So, we are confident in our ability to teach others all about tendering and to help them succeed.

What is Tender VLE?

Let’s start with the basics. What is Tender VLE? Well, Tender VLE is our online learning environment for everything to do with tendering. Our Bid Writers have seen great success, and  . Businesses can increase their income and grow from tendering. But many people do not know anything about the tender process. So, Tender VLE was designed to teach everyone how to tender for work and succeed. Regardless of whether you are new to tendering or have some experience.


What can you learn?

Tender VLE offers different levels of learning. This is so that your learning is tailored to you. No one wants to start a course and be overwhelmed by terminology that has never been explained to them. So, we introduced our Tender Introduction course to help those just starting off, or with very little experience. Here, you can learn the different terminology you’ll see throughout much of tendering. You’ll also learn all about the different documents involved in the process. And perhaps most importantly, you will learn how to approach these documents. The more advanced courses are tailored to those with more experience in tendering. Since tenders always have several deadlines, you’ll develop time management skills, as well as strategic thinking. Key factors also include decision making and prioritisation.


The tender process includes several documents that you will learn about through Tender VLE. These documents can include:


A PQQ is a questionnaire that all suppliers must complete. This is a method used by buyers to narrow down the most suitable suppliers. A lot of the time, suppliers will bid for work they cannot actually deliver. The PQQ is a great way of filtering bids that are not satisfactory. This is often the first stage of the tendering process.


An ITT is an invitation sent to suppliers, often those who successfully pass a PQQ, that invites them to tender. This document involves a lot of information about the contract from the buyer. It is crucial for suppliers to read this thoroughly to ensure they do not miss any details. If they do, this could be the difference between winning and losing the contract.


A  ) is most common within the creative sector. A buyer will present a concept for creative agencies to develop an around.

Bid Response/proposal

The bid proposal is the supplier’s chance to showcase their experience and previous work. As well as why they are best suited for the contract. It is important that the bid is well written, concise and meets the buyer’s specifications. If you do not break down the various requirements/questions from a buyer, you risk missing key information. You also need to ensure you meet their wordcount requirements, otherwise this gives them the impression you cannot follow briefs.

By learning how to conduct these documents, you’ll gain an understanding of the quality of work expected in the industry. Buyers are far more likely to choose to contract with suppliers that have high quality bid proposals and other documents. Improving your own standards and quality of work is an excellent way to help your company stand out.

Benefits of Tender VLE:

  1. Remote learning

 Given the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the greatest benefits of Tender VLE is that it is remote. You can do all your learning completely from the comfort of your own home. That means you aren’t wasting time and money on travelling. And obviously there is no risk to your health or that of anyone else.

  1. Tailored learning

 As we mentioned before, Tender VLE is tailored to your learning. So, there is a course that is probably suited to you and your understanding of tendering. This means you can gradually and efficiently increase your knowledge without being overwhelmed with information.

  1. Learn from the best

Another great benefit of Tender VLE is that you’ll be learning from experts in the industry. There really is no one better to learn from than someone with decades of experience. They’ve been through it all, and made mistakes along the way, so you don’t have to.

  1. Improve your skills

Developing and improving skills is another benefit of using Tender VLE. You’ll be able to advance your writing and communication skills as this is the core of tendering. However, you’ll also expand your understanding of the importance of project management. Being prepared and knowing how to approach tendering is a key factor that Tender VLE covers. So, you’ll learn everything you need to know to best deploy your new skills.

About your instructors

Our instructors at Tender VLE are here to help you learn everything you need to know about tendering. They will give you an overview of different aspects of tendering. This could be certain documents or how to manage your project.

Jill Hudson

Jill has worked for over a decade in tender management and has closed over £300million in business for her clients. She has produced approximately one thousand tender documents for over 400 different businesses.

She specialises in Creative, Technology and Professional Services. Proving she can adapt and provide exceptional content for a ranging audience.

Jill worked as an Interim Sales Director for many UK businesses before launching Hudson Outsourcing. She worked at senior management level to introduce or improve tendering practices.

Jill holds a BA in Business Management & Organisations. As well as an MA in Marketing. She has a hands-on approach as you will see throughout her Master Class videos.

Want to learn more about Jill? You can connect with her via LinkedIn.

Kathryn Johansen

Kathryn is our Head of Creative. She has progressed into her role after working alongside our group directors for nearly a decade. She has extensive videography experience including capturing, editing and publishing videos associated with Tender VLE.

Kathryn has 20 years’ experience using various design software and an MA in Media Production. She uses these skills to lead a team of creatives in digital maintenance of content. Kathryn also worked as a Graphic Design Assistant for ‘Produce IT Australia’. She developed work for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation & Assisting on Digital Graphics from other Australian Networks.

Want to learn more about Kathryn? You can connect with her via LinkedIn.

Why you should use it

There are plenty of reasons for why you should use Tender VLE. One being that it is a great way to learn almost everything you could need to know about tendering. You can learn vital skills that you can use in your tendering journey. These skills will increase the quality of your work and can increase your income and contacts. You’ll learn all of the advantages that come with tendering for work. Some of those include:

  • Guaranteed pay – the suppliers are guaranteed payment when they win a contract.
  • Goals to spend with SMEs – The UK government aims to spend £1 in £3 with SMEs.
  • Gain experience – Securing contracts means you gain experience to use for case studies to help you secure further contracts.
  • Make contacts – Securing contracts means you can increase your contacts and build relationships. This may lead to further work in the future.
  • Sustainability – Some contracts last for several years so they are a great way of sustaining your business.

How to use it

To use Tender VLE, simply click on our Services tab, you’ll find our different courses.

Select the course that is right for you, depending on your tendering knowledge. Then, you’ll find our masterclass videos with our instructors. They’ll share plenty of information with you. So, don’t forget to grab a notepad and get comfy.

We suggest working through our content gradually so that you have time to process everything you’re learning. This way, it is easier to remember it all. We also advise they you study in a space suited for learning. For example, somewhere quiet with little to no distractions. The space you learn in can be crucial to ensuring the best results from your learning. So, it is important that you’re in a comfortable space.

Hopefully by now you know everything you need to know about Tender VLE. One of our most important values is always learning and developing our skills and knowledge. We have a passion for learning, so being able to teach others is one of our greatest goals.

How we can help you

If you want to know more about the tendering process, then talk to our dedicated team today.

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Want to learn more about tendering?

Tender VLE is the UK’s first virtual learning environment, dedicated to bid writing courses. Four of our course levels are still in development but you can start your learning journey at level one now. Our instructors offer five levels of training to accommodate all levels of learning. Tender VLE offers the resources to help you whether you are new to tendering or an expert, looking to improve. We have training that is suitable for various learners including businesses, freelancers or aspiring Bid Writers.

Need help with writing an imminent bid?

Hudson Succeed, our sister company, is a global provider of bid writing services. They have over 60 years of collective experience and an 87% success rate. Our team can support you with every step of the tendering process. Our services include:


Tender Ready

This 4-week programme is designed for companies that are completely new to the tendering process. One of our highly skilled Bid Writers will work with you to ensure that your business is ready to tender successfully.


Tender Improvement

Our Tender Improvement programme is designed for companies that have previous experience with tendering but are yet to see results. A member of our knowledgeable team will review your previous responses and aid you to improve them for future bids.


Tender Writing

Our Tender Writing service is the whole package. Once we have the required information from you, our Bid Writing Team will do the rest. We’ll take charge of the entire tender for your business, all the way from writing through to submission.


Tender Mentor

This package is suitable for companies that have already written their own tender response. A member of our team will review your work before the submission deadline, checking for inconsistencies, spelling errors and grammar. They will also check your responses to ensure they meet the contract’s specifications. Get in touch with a member of our expert Bid Writing Team and watch your business grow.

Upgrade to Discover Elite 

Enhance your tendering process with Discover Elite. The package ensures that you can still identify tendering opportunities even when you’re busy. Forget pre-bid admin and time-consuming breakdowns, your Account Manager will take care of this for you. Get in touch for more information.