How Will Bid Writing Training Help You Win Contracts?

Here are 4 ways that bid writing training can help you win contracts!

At Tender VLE, we know how important bid writing training can be in helping you to secure contracts. We have an 87% success rate and our Bid Writers have over 60 years of collective experience. So, we understand the tendering process inside and out.

For those just starting out, or those with little experience, the tendering process can be a struggle. This is why we suggest bid writing training. There are plenty of reasons for why bid writing training is a benefit. Keep reading to find out how bid writing training can help you win contracts.

Benefits of taking bid writing training courses

We will look at how bid writing training can help you win contracts. But first, let’s look at the benefits of bid writing training in general.

  • Remote learning

One of the best benefits of bid writing training is that many of them are remote learning. Given the current circumstances that the world is facing, this is really important. It means there is no risk to your or anyone else’s safety.

And on top of that, you’re saving money and time from not having to travel! This time can be spent on more important things. And most importantly, who doesn’t like studying from the comfort of their own home?

  • An investment

Bid writing training is essentially an investment. You’re going to learn and develop skills to help your business in the long run. These skills are also going to serve you throughout the rest of your career and business’s existence. Not just for a single bid.

The knowledge you gain can also be taught to members of your own team. This will save having to hire in-house Bid Writers. Your team will be well equipped to deal with tenders.

  • Tailored learning

One of the benefits of a lot of bid writing training is that courses are tailored to your learning goals. For example, if you’re completely new to tendering, there are beginners’ courses available. If you have some experience but want to develop further, there are courses for you too. Even those with a good understanding of tendering and bid writing can benefit from bid writing training.

  • Learn from experts

There is no better way to learn than to be mentored by those with experience and proven successBid Writers often teach bid writing training as they are the best people for the job.

Our Bid Writers know exactly what is expected to win contracts. That includes the amount of work and skills involved. Experts are also able to offer tips and tricks they have learnt through their time in the industry. Any mistakes they’ve made can also be used to your benefit, as now you will know how to avoid them.

  • Save resources

As mentioned earlier, bid writing training is an investment. By learning the skills involved in securing contracts, you won’t need to sacrifice resources and time on unsuccessful bids. Those with no experience in tendering will often bid for contracts that they cannot deliver. Or they do not have the skills to write winning proposals. If you’re attempting this with no knowledge of what is expected, you are almost certainly going to be unsuccessful. Why waste your time on such a slim chance?

  • Increase income & success

It goes without saying that a great benefit of bid writing training is that you learn the skills to increase your income. Bid writing training teaches you everything you need to know to win contracts.

How will bid writing training help me win contracts?

So, the reason you’re here. What you learn during bid writing training can help you win contracts. But how?

  • Learning to create winning documents

One of the most crucial aspects of tendering that you’ll learn during bid writing training is how to conduct documents. There are several documents involved in tendering. Those include:

These documents all require a good understanding of their specifications to be completed correctly. During bid writing training, you’ll learn how to produce each of them. Impressing the buyer is the purpose of these documents.

You want to prove to them that you are the best fit for this contract. So, they need to be to the highest standard possible. A lot of other suppliers will likely use expert Bid Writers. You’ll be up against these, so you need to give yourself a fighting chance.

  • Competition quality

During bid writing training, you’ll learn of the kind of quality you’ll be up against, and how to match and even surpass the competition. For those that do not use expert Bid Writers, you’ll easily have the edge over them!

  • Improving skills

There are many skills you will learn and develop during bid writing training. Those can include writing skills, communication skills and time and project management.

  • Writing & communication skills

There are plenty of skills to improve and develop during bid writing training. One of the obvious ones is your writing skills. These are important because you need to be able to write clear and concise answers to the buyers. They do not want to read loads of waffle. And they certainly don’t want to read more or less than what they have asked for.

If they ask you to give a 500-word answer, you need to get it as close to that word count as possible. 200 words will not cut it, nor will 800. You also need to be able to communicate your proposal/answer in that many words. So being able to write the essential elements is crucial.

  • Reading skills

You also need good reading skills. Bid writing training will teach you how to break down a tender document. This is so that you can fully understand what is required. This saves you bidding for a contract you cannot deliver. And it ensures you do not miss any important information for submissions. If you do miss vital information and do not submit the required information/documents, you risk losing the contract.

  • Time & project management

Bid writing training will also guide you in improving your time and project management skills. These are essential for staying on track, meeting deadlines, ensuring work is done and overall productivity. There are a lot of deadlines involved in tendering. So, bid writing training can help you to prepare for that and how to manage the workload.

We hope you’ve found some useful tips on how bid writing training can help you win contracts. The tendering process can seem overwhelming to those with no experience. But Tender VLE are here to guide you through all things tender-based!

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Want to learn more about tendering?

Tender VLE is the UK’s first virtual learning environment, dedicated to bid writing courses. Four of our course levels are still in development but you can start your learning journey at level one now. Our instructors offer five levels of training to accommodate all levels of learning.

Tender VLE offers the resources to help you whether you are new to tendering or an expert, looking to improve. We have training that is suitable for various learners including businesses, freelancers or aspiring Bid Writers.

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