How to obtain a bid writing qualification in the UK

Looking for which Bid Writing qualifications you need to become a bid writer in the UK? We’ve got you covered!

Thinking of becoming a Bid Writer, or looking into the essential bid writing qualifications you need in the UK? We have put together everything you need to know about bid writing qualifications.

What is bid writing?

Bid writing is the process of responding to tenders in order to win contracts to provide goods or services. These can range from maintenance services to civil engineering to healthcare services and more. Organisations who require services can release an invitation to tender (ITT). This is one of the tendering procedures that buyers use to secure a good or service.

Think of it as a job application. You want to tell them what you can do for their business. As well as why you should be chosen over the other candidates.

What skills do you need?

Bid writers have a lot of responsibilities. Therefore, there are some skills that aspiring bid writers will need to have. You will be expected to research and analyse bids, as well as the relevant industry. You will then be expected to plan the bid and break it down into bite-size chunks. Communication skills are also a necessity as you will likely need to communicate with team members or clients for information.

Good organisation skills are a must as you will be working on multiple bids at once. You should have an excellent grasp of the English language so that you can write to the highest standard. Proofreading your work will also be expected, as well as that of your colleagues. You will need a critical eye to make sure the correct questions are answered in the bid. You may be required to deal with design aspects. This can include adding relevant photos and charts. You will also be expected to work to deadlines, so time management is essential.

What qualifications do you need?

School / Higher Education

The minimum required bid writing qualifications in the UK include the achievement of five GCSEs. The grades should be between A*-C, and they should include English and maths. Many employers will prefer you to have A-Levels, particularly in English. Some may even expect you to have a degree. Your degree could be in English, or it could be in the area you wish to specialise in. IT or Civil Engineering are a couple of examples. Degrees in Business Management and Sales and Marketing are also great bid writing qualifications.

Bid Writing Courses

You could also do short courses in relevant areas like Professional Marketing. The ability to speak another or multiple languages can also put you at an advantage. This is particularly useful if you are working with international clients.

There are several bid writing courses you can do to increase your knowledge of bid writing. These courses will be a great way to develop your understanding. They will also serve as a great qualification towards securing you a job in bid writing.

We also recommend obtaining additional, relevant qualifications even if you are already a professional bid writer. Professional development is ongoing and can be an enormous help when looking towards promotions.

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Starting off

You are likely to start working as a trainee or Junior Bid Writer. This way you can work your way up. This also allows you to gain a great understanding of exactly what is expected of you in this role. As experience is sometimes the best way to learn. You can also work up through administrative jobs at bid writing companies. It can be useful to have a drivers’ licence as you may have to travel for meetings. You could eventually become a team leader, Senior Bid Writer or Bids and Proposal Manager. The skills earned from these paths can also be transferred to other kinds of technical writing and contract management.

Overall, there is not one specific bid writing qualification needed to become a Bid Writer. Bid writing requires the priming of various skills that are to be applied to your work. These skills can be developed over your years of education and even through jobs not in the relevant field. There are plenty of opportunities out there to expand your knowledge and understanding of bid writing.

How we can help you

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