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NEW bid writing courses coming soon!

Meet your new instructor

Bid writing courses – with a difference. This month we will be introducing a new instructor to the Tender VLE family.

You could be mistaken for thinking that tendering is purely about writing excellent answers to a buyer’s questions, providing examples and submitting the tender responses – but that is not the end.

Differing from Dan’s ‘Start’ level bid writing courses, Kathryn will focus on the steps that should be taken once the content for responses has been created.

In our new Tender VLE masterclasses, our Head of Creative Kathryn Johansen will be providing insight into how to make your bids stand out from the crowd and how to comply with formatting requirements.

Kathryn says…

“The appearance of your bid is often an overlooked step. My masterclass will focus on the importance of aesthetics and design in the tendering process”.

Meet Kathryn

Kathryn is the Head of Creative here at Hudson Succeed. A role towards which she has progressed by working alongside our Company Directors for the past 10 years.

On a daily basis, Kathryn works to create engaging visual proposals for our Hudson Succeed clients to ensure they stand out amongst the other submissions. Kathryn will be bringing these tried and tested methods to her masterclasses to share the knowledge she has gathered over the past 10 years.

Along with her extensive videography experience, Kathryn and her team work internally to capture and edit all our Tender VLE masterclasses.

In order to ensure a professional finish, Kathryn utilises her 20 years of experience using Adobe Software (including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) as well as her MA in Media Production. 

Expect to learn

  • The importance of reading the specification thoroughly to check for any stipulated formatting requirements.
  • How to wow the buyer and get them onside before they have even read the content of your tender response.
  • How to utilise your brand strategically to ensure individuality throughout your work.
  • The importance of design. Buyers will read numerous responses. Don’t be afraid of white space and considered placements of both text and images.

Coming soon

Kathryn’s masterclasses will be launching very soon. Our Creative Team are currently working to craft informative and engaging video content to bring to you. Keep an eye out for your brand-new instructor.

Request a topic

Remember, you can request a topic for a video you would like to see. Simply post your topic request in our dedicated LinkedIn group HERE and we will do our best to deliver an insightful masterclass.

Bid writing support

Do you currently have a tender that you require support with? Simply send the specification to hello@tendervle.co.uk or CONTACT US to speak to a Hudson Succeed Bid Writer.